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Please contact me for more information.  All items can be sent via courier within Cyprus.  Discount is provided for multiple purchases.

Personal Pocket Security Panic Alarm with Motion Detector and light

Loud 120db Alarm - Bright LED Lamp - Motion Detector - Activates Alarm when movement is detected - Lightweight only 65g - Compact - Easily Fits in your  Handbag or Pocket ! 

All in one security product which combines a 120dB + siren Personal Alarm with a portable alarm and a handy torch. Can be used as a Personal Attack Alarm when out and about but also as an alarm when at home or staying in alternative accommodation.

When either the Attack Alarm or the motion sensor are activated the combined Alarm produces a 120dB siren. Also the Alarm provides you with a torch which can be used to help find keys/locks in the dark. To activate the sensor you simply pull the sliding cover down and switch on. A 30 second delay allows the user to vacate the room. Movement within 2 metres of the alarm will activate the 150dB siren. The siren de-activates after approximately 20 seconds.

€12 each

Self Defence / Emergency Glass Breaker Stick

Attach this aluminum alloy self defence stick to your keys for additional protection when out and about. To strike an attacker with your keys could cause injury to yourself. Hold this stick within your hand and strike if threatened.
Also useful to break glass in case of emergency.

Choice of colours available: Gold - Red - Blue - Purple - Silver 

Light weight, smooth feel, discreet amongst keys in hand.

€7.50 each

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