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I am a fully qualified close protection bodyguard and security specialist. I provide unobtrusive close personal protection to events, individuals and families in Cyprus who would prefer to have a qualified woman accompanying them for any event or protection. Under cover casual or professional appearance.

   Event Security      VIP Bodyguard Protection      Family / Children Protection

   Luxury Secure Transportation / Transfers with Mercedes CLS 350 / Toyota Ch-r

Trained and qualified in Cyprus, Israel and Spain by the well known Combat Krav Maga Israeli Instructor Lior Offenbach.

I strive to be the best at what I do, I am alert, positive, professional, strong, confident and caring.

I teach Women’s Self Defence (Krav Maga) in Paphos.

I am trained and licensed Private Security Guard in Cyprus, I am British and I speak both English and Greek.

For more information please contact me, call / message / viber / whatsapp me on
(00357) 99 756 877 or email:  charlotte@cytanet.com.cy


10/03/2019 – Combat Krav Maga, Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu training in Israel with Lior Offenbach
22/02/2019 – Muay Thai Grading examination with Paraskos Paraskeva
09/11/2018 – Tactical Thai Sword Seminar – Paphos
18/10/2018 – Received ‘Private Security Guard’ License from the Cyprus Police
28/10/2018 – Muay Thai Boran Seminar with Grand Master Woody - Limassol
27/10/2018 – Defence & Attack Seminar – Combat Krav Maga – Larnaca Cyprus
25/07/2018 – 3 day Muay Thai Boran Seminar in Frosione- Italy
25/06/2018 – 3 days Security Training Course – 27 hours – Limassol – Frederick University
04/06/2018 – VIP Protection Level One – 120 hours - Security Training Centre in Valencia Spain
02/06/2018 – VIP Protection Training Seminar – Combat Krav Maga – Valencia Spain
30/05/2018 – Private Escort Training – 60 hours – Security Training Centre in Valencia Spain
18/03/2018 – Knife Self Defense Seminar – Combat Krav Maga – Larnaca Cyprus
03/03/2018 – Siamyout Muay Thai & Muay Boran Seminar – Limassol Cyprus
20/02/2018 – 7 Days Combat Krav Maga Instructors Course – Chipiona Spain
18/11/2017 – Bar Fight Seminar – International Krav Maga Federation – Limassol Cyprus
18/03/2017 – Muay Thai Seminar with Ajahn Suchart – Paphos Cyprus
16/10/2016 – 4 Hour Stick Seminar – Gabi Noah International Krav Maga – Limassol Cyprus



The personal protection of high profile individuals is often associated as being a job only suited to men. However, women are now asserting themselves and proving their worth in this male dominated sector. There is a wide and somewhat false misconception that bodyguards need to have a huge physically intimidating stature. That may for nightclub door staff however the close protection industry requires brains more than physical brawn. 

‍Most clients have a desire to blend into the environment unnoticed, they want protection that doesn’t attract attention and having a female dressed like ‘the girl next door’ can add to that niche. In some cases, female clients (or their husbands) don’t feel comfortable having male bodyguards around. They feel more at ease indicating their feelings to their female bodyguards.

When protecting a family, the female bodyguard is often the preferred choice for taking care of the children. The non-intimidating nature means that children tend to naturally connect and bond more warmly to females than they would to men. On the daily school run a female bodyguard can easily masquerade as the nanny or a family friend without attracting a second glance. 

Ability to go where males cannot: Female security guards can go where males cannot such as bathrooms and female dressing rooms. Female security guards can also physically search women who are entering secure areas or large events. The female bodyguard can constantly remain close to her principle. A female principle may feel more comfortable being accompanied by a female bodyguard on a shopping trip.

In some sensitive situations such as family disputes or a divorce case where the former partner may be violent or abusive or is demanding custody of the children, the presence of a male bodyguard may be viewed as being openly provocative. However, a female bodyguard can operate discreetly in a subtle guise that doesn’t antagonise the other party. 




  • 12th June 2021 - 14th June 2021 Minthis Hills, Paphos, Head Bodyguard to singer 'Inna'. Inna is a well known Romanian Singer and Songwriter. 
  • December 2020 - bodyguard at Court House, Paphos.
  • Family Protection
  • Child Protection
  • May 2019 - Present - Krav Maga Self Defence Instructor for Women
  • Muay Thai Kickboxing since February 2015 until present
  • Combat Krav Maga since September 2015 until 2020
  • June - July 2018 – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training
  • Graphic and Website Designer since June 2007 until present
  • Taku Kon Karate Kickboxing – 1999 - 2001

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Personal Pocket Security Panic Alarm with Motion Detector and light

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